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For now a hundred year, the name of Blondo is synonymous with quality, refinement and comfort. Whether with the choice of materials, style or construction quality, Blondo has the ultimate goal of creating footwear that will bring pleasure to walk and move to its customers. For that reason, leathers are selected with care for their texture and suppleness. Soles are developed to offer flexibility, adherence and durability.

At Blondo’s, taking care of your feet with style and comfort, it is our passion!

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Acton offers an array of more than 130 styles adapted to different activities. The Acton brand is well known for its overshoes, its outdoor boots, its winter boots, its children boots, as well as for its work boots and safety footwear.

The priority of Acton’s designers is the workers’ safety and the consumers’ comfort. Like millions of Canadians, trust the Acton quality.

Try the experience of "The Ultimate Footwear Protection"!

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Be Comfortable by Blondo

Blondo reinvents comfort with its Be Comfortable by Blondo line. This revolutionary patented technology, exclusive to Blondo, redefines industry standards to offer your feet the ultimate comfort experience.

Breathable and expandable. Here are the two key principles of this innovative technology that finally allows your feet to “Be comfortable” with each step all day long.

Be Comfortably by Blondo proposes a comfort solution blending beautiful styles with up-to-the-minute fashion trends, using soft and supple leathers in an array of warm and attractive colors.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, simply “Be Comfortable”!



Collège & Aqua Collège

Collège is the perfect brand for the Canadian consumer. Collège offers women’s footwear made of supple and resistant quality leathers. Collège is synonymous with comfort.

AquaCollège winter footwear is made of high quality waterproof leathers with sealed seams, hence the name AquaCollège. Protected against water infiltration, these products allow women to enjoy winter at its fullest! Requiring little maintenance, a sample damp cloth can do the trick... This should appeal to you, active women.




Faber footwear is designed in Canada according to the highest quality standards. We created this line so that our products’ quality and comfort can be accessible to a greatest number of consumers.

Faber offers practical and comfortable footwear, made with supple and richly textured leathers. The fall-winter collection meets the same quality standards, but only waterproof leathers are used to produce this footwear line.




Made especially for firefighters, the Firepro boots meet the highest industry standards. Certified CSA grade 1, ESR and ASTM, the Firepro boots also meet NFPA 1971-2007 standards.

For maximum protection and optimal security during fires, Firepro is the brand for you!

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Citywork is the safety steel toe overshoe developed by Acton to answer the needs of consumers requiring occasional protection. This natural rubber overshoe fits over most shoes. Moreover, tests proved that it offers an excellent non-slip resistance on wet and oily floors.

While browsing on the citywork.ca, you will be able to have more information about this safety overshoe, but also, you will understand why, with its natural rubber construction, that overshoe is the best on the market.

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For its 30th anniversary, Regence has decided to expand its product range by creating a distributor division. Thus, Regence now distributes the Cofra brand

Cofra is an Italian shoe manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. It is a leader in the safety shoes business and is a world renowed company. Cofra constantly invests in the research and development in order to offer innovative technologies solutions to consumers.

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